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Choosing CDRB Architects for your Solihull planning applications is a step towards precise planning and eco-friendly designing. With a RIBA accreditation, we simplify the complex planning processes, ensuring a smooth journey from initial designs to approval stages. 

Our collaborative approach, enriched with substantial planning expertise, crafts a personalised strategy aligning with your project ambitions, making your architectural venture efficient and pleasant.

How can we help?

We provide expert guidance, support in navigating planning applications, ensuring compliance with local regulations, aiding in prompt approvals.

Get help with your planning applications.

Entrust your planning applications to CDRB Architects and experience a seamless process from conception to approval, tailored to meet Solihull’s local regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A planning application is a formal request submitted to a local planning authority seeking consent to carry out development or change of use of land or buildings. This process ensures that developments are carried out in an orderly and sustainable manner, in accordance with local and national planning policies.

To make a planning application, you’ll need to prepare necessary documents and drawings, which may include a location plan, a site plan, and other supporting information. Once prepared, you can submit these to your local planning authority either online or by post. It’s advisable to consult with planning professionals or your local planning office for guidance.

The key stages of a planning application process include pre-application advice, submission of the application, validation by the local planning authority, public consultation, consideration by the planning authority, decision, and, if necessary, an appeal process.

The time it takes to get a planning application approved can vary, but typically, a decision is made within 8 to 13 weeks from the submission date for most minor and major applications. However, larger or more complex proposals may take longer.

Planning permission focuses on the principle of development, considering its impact on the local environment and compliance with planning policies. Building regulations approval, on the other hand, ensures that the proposed construction meets the necessary construction standards regarding safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility.

It’s not advisable to start building work until you have received planning permission as doing so may result in enforcement action by the local planning authority. It’s crucial to wait for the official approval before commencing any development.

If your planning application is refused, you have the option to amend and resubmit your application or appeal the decision. It’s advisable to consult with planning professionals or your local planning authority to understand the reasons for refusal and the steps you can take.

Yes, you can make amendments to your planning application after submission, but this may require a new application or additional information to be provided. It’s best to consult with your local planning authority to understand the process for making amendments.

You can find out about planning applications in your area by checking the online planning register on your local planning authority’s website or by contacting the planning office directly.

Various support services are available to help with your planning application. These may include consultation with planning professionals like CDRB Architects, pre-application advice from your local planning authority, and online resources and guides. It’s advisable to seek professional advice to ensure that your application complies with all necessary policies and regulations.

Downloads & Resources

Useful resources available for those seeking planning permission in Solihull.

Solihull Public Access User Guide (.pdf)

Solihull Planning Conditions (.csv)

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