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CDRB Architects Ltd is a RIBA Chartered Practice based in Kenilworth, near Coventry. From this central location CDRB services all parts of the UK offering creative solutions to each unique situation.

Our service is quick, efficient and cost-effective. At CDRB Architects Ltd the client and client satisfaction are always a priority. We welcome you to call us today to discuss your project.

Our Services

Residential Projects

Bespoke home layouts & additions that strike a perfect balance between aesthetics, utility, and comfort.

Commercial Projects

Advanced, sustainable approaches for businesses, highlighting operational efficiency and brand core.

Planning Applications

Expert assistance during the planning approval stage for smooth project approval.

Building Regulations

Ensuring each design conforms to local building regulations, guaranteeing safe, compliant edifices.

Project Management

Complete oversight from beginning to end, guaranteeing projects are delivered on schedule and remain within cost.

Party Wall

Proficient handling of party wall arrangements to avert potential disputes.

New Developments

Designing distinct architectural blueprints for fresh projects that stand out yet integrate harmoniously with their surroundings.


Comprehensive designs cover one off houses to small extensions. All jobs are catered for and no job is too small. Each project is designed individually and to a brief to ensure total client satisfaction and high quality results at all times.


Commercial architecture services encompassing the design and planning of commercial buildings, such as offices, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments, with a focus on functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Coventry Architects

In the heart of Coventry, our team stands out as the image of architectural excellence. Offering a range of architectural services, we’ve built a reputation as the best architects in Coventry. Each project we undertake, whether it’s crafting stunning home extensions or innovating bespoke designs for specific requirements, showcases our commitment to detail, innovation, and aesthetics.

As your local architect, we believe in blending the rich history of Coventry with contemporary design principles. This ensures that each structure we design not only fits seamlessly into its surroundings but also brings fresh and modern vibes to the locale.

Why are we highly recommended? It’s our ability to listen. We understand that every client has unique needs. That’s why our architectural services are tailored to align perfectly with your vision. Whether you’re dreaming of expansive home extensions or have specific requirements for a smaller space, our expertise ensures that your dreams transform into tangible reality.

Latest News

Customer Reviews

5th Mar, 2023
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Excellent work by Clive and the Team. Really happy with plans and looking forward to getting started.
31st Jan, 2023
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Clive understood what we were trying to achieve with the extra space and came up with several designs. Came back with designs quickly and communicated well on the tweaks we asked for. Just in process now for planning permission but happy with the work provided so far.
6th Dec, 2022
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Clive was very prompt, professional and produced very good drawings that helped me achieve quick planning permission. Thank you!
4th Dec, 2022
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Clive was very accommodating and fitted us in very quickly. Very efficient and it was a pleasure using his service. Would highly recommed.
7th Nov, 2022
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I am an internationally based expat and Clive was extremely quick at making a site visit to my house in Oxfordshire and producing the drawings package needed for planning purposes. He was also flexible on communication and was extremely helpful. Happy to recommend.
12th Oct, 2022
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Clive was an absolute pleasure to work with. Spoke to him on the phone. Came out the next day and drawings were ready within 24hours to high standards and fairly priced. I cannot recommend Clive enough. Really pleased with the incredible service provided. Will be using him more often. Thanks Clive
25th Aug, 2020
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Clive was very friendly and knowledgeable. Designs were drawn up very quickly and exactly as we wanted (guided by Clive). Just waiting planning permission Would highly recommend
10th Jan, 2020
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We used Clive for planning permission for a dropped curb . We had been refused permission previously. He and his team were very helpful and quick to respond .I would use them again.Thank you.
11th Feb, 2019
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Great working with Clive, he guided me through the entire process, visiting the house on a number of occasions and drawing plans to my needs. He was happy working at my pace and always responded quickly when i got in touch. highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of services, including residential and commercial projects, planning applications, building regulation applications, project management, party wall matters and new development architectural work.

Each project we undertake is unique work and always taken on with full efforts despite the project size. Our aim is to create the perfect property for you.

The timeline varies based on project size, complexity, and specific client requirements. Typically, it can range from a few weeks to over a whole year depending on the project size and complexity! We provide a tentative timeline after our initial consultation.

Open communication lies at the heart of our approach. We place paramount importance on understanding and realising our client’s aspirations. 

It’s essential for us to work hand-in-hand with our clients, fostering a collaborative environment. This not only helps in navigating any challenges that arise but also ensures that the concluding design is a true reflection of our client’s vision. 

Moreover, while we’re passionate about bringing client ideas to life, we also ensure that every design meets our rigorous professional standards. In essence, our commitment is to strike the perfect balance between your aspirations and the highest standards of architectural excellence

Architects ensure that all designs comply with local building regulations by staying updated with the latest laws, using safe construction practices, and following the guidelines for lawful constructions.

New developments are designed with an approach that balances distinctive architectural style with the need for harmony with surrounding structures and environments.

Architects can provide expert assistance in the planning permission process, helping with the preparation of necessary documents, understanding local regulations, and facilitating smooth project approval.

Yes! Of course, you can see previous work we have completed. We have a page on our website called Projects, if you can not find it then click here to see it.

Absolutely! Client collaboration is fundamental to our design process. We welcome and encourage feedback at every stage to ensure the final design truly represents your vision.

Local knowledge in architectural design is crucial as it helps in understanding the local architectural tradition, enabling designs that harmoniously integrate into the city’s unique character.

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